Verano CanCan 14


Verano CanCan 14

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Product information "CanCan 14"

The 14-foot inflatable Prospector from Verano Water sports.

The CanCan series from Verano Water sports is one of the first Canadian series made from drop stitch. The inflatable CanCan 14 is light, stiff, robust and extremely resistant. The canoe offers space for 2 people and also has enough storage space. Thus, Canadian tours with luggage are no problem for a multi-day tour. The Verano-Canadian offers a minimal pack size. This means that it can be folded up and transported easily and compactly - even in the trunk. The popular 14 foot prospector - penned by Karl Fischer - is suitable for 2 adults or up to 2 adults with 1 child. The flat bottom gives the CanCan enormous basic stability. Paired with the stiff side walls, the canoe glides like on rails. The CanCan 14 is designed much shorter and slightly wider than the CanCan 16 Canadians. This makes handling easier and provides more maneuverability. P>

The CanCan 14 Canadian is the ideal companion on rivers, lakes and light white water, whether on a Sunday excursion or on a multi-day tour.

  • inflatable drop stitch Canadian
  • Space for 2 adults
  • ideal for lakes or rivers
  • Complete set with 2 canoe paddles
  • Also suitable for a multi-day tour with luggage

It takes about 14 minutes to set up. The pure pumping time approx. 7 minutes


  • 2x bench seats (aluminum with EVA foam cover)
  • Decks with bungees (bow and stern)
  • removable fin
  • Carrying handles (bow and stern)
  • 2x D-rings
  • Drain plug

Delivered with

  • Airboat with the equipment mentioned
  • 2x canoe paddles, with aluminum shaft, 150 cm, 2-part
  • Benches
  • fin
  • HP pump
  • Repair kit
  • Packing trolley with wheels

Technical specifications

  • Drop-Stitch Fusion PVC material
  • Length 420 cm
  • Width 100 cm
  • Weight 25.5 kg
  • Pack size 92x50x65 cm
  • Payload approx. 300 kg
  • Air chambers 3
  • maximum 2 + 1 people
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