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TrekRaft EXPEDITION with deck


TrekRaft EXPEDITION with deck

€ 849,00 incl btw
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€ 849,00 incl btw
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TrekRaft EXPEDITION with deck - The ultralight high-performance raft, Our proven Packraft range is extended... the EXPEDITION series!

 The main novelty of the PackRafts of the expedition range is the possibility to stow luggage in the air tube itself. 

This offers several advantages: not having to attach the equipment to the deck favours a lower centre of gravity and reduces wind exposure when paddling. Moreover, thanks to the air and equipment they contain, these bags also serve as buoyancy devices in the event of a hole in the outer hull. An additional safety feature!

To minimize imbalances from the outset, the rafts have two integrated pockets - one on each side. A covered zipper allows easy and waterproof storage of the equipment.


Length: 230 cm
width: 92 cm
weight: 3,4 kg
Pack size: 50 x 25 cm
Colour: yellow/black

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