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Seabird Discovery 330


Seabird Discovery 330

€ 499,00 incl btw
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€ 499,00 incl btw
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Discovery 330 is produced in a high-tech 3-layer sandwich construction in the material HDPD plastic. This type of plastic provides a unique combination of stiffness, weight, and abrasion resistance.

Bjørn Thommason has designed an insanely good kayak here! Discovery is one of the very best sea kayaks on the market! Discovery has unique stability in relation to how fast and responsive it is. It comes with the original Power Pedals PRO XI9. This rudder system is the most solid and robust on the market! High-tech 3-layer sandwich construction with the material HDPD polyethylene. This type of plastic provides a unique combination of stiffness and abrasion resistance. In 2011, Discovery became the test winner in Sweden’s largest magazine Padling. We are also proud that this is the kayak that the Norwegian royal family has chosen and uses on their trips.

Material : Three-layer HD polyethylene

It’s easy to get out on the water with Discovery, it has it all! The kayak is responsive, stable, and has a clearly shaped hull. The kayak is suitable for all kinds of excursions, it is light and easy to maneuver. It has a number of settings for individual customization. This mini sea kayak is just the one you need for experiences in big waves, rushing rivers, and quiet lakes. This kayak can be used for most things! Long trips, short trips, fishing, hunting, photography, surfing, river rowing, and playing in the waves

Discovery 330 is really ideal for fishing trips. The stability allows you to lean safely against the railing when there is a bite. The special design of the hull invites to activity. In front of the cockpit, you have a small space for safe storage of small things, which should be easily accessible, such as mobile phone and camera. NB: Always pack electronics in waterproof bags.

Discovery offers good seating comfort, the cockpit is open, the seat is upholstered and the seat belts are adjustable 10 cm at both ends. The kayak is equipped with an adjustable backrest for individual adjustment. It has adjustable thigh supports, which means that you get very good contact with the kayak when you need it most. This is a fully equipped recreational / sea kayak in very high quality with rudder and 3 waterproof bulkheads. This is a price bomb without comparison!

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