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Pyranha WW kajak FUSION DUO


Pyranha WW kajak FUSION DUO

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Enjoy a tandem sea kayaking trip, go adventure touring with a loved one, or take a friend on their first whitewater experience; the Fusion Duo comfortably does anything you'd realistically ask of a duo, and everything in between.Adventures are at their best when shared.

The world-renowned performance of the Fusion shines through in the Fusion Duo and has been tailored to suit a variety of combinations of paddlers, so you can both enjoy the trip, whatever variety of water you're exploring.

+ Retractable skeg keeps you heading in a straight line, and counters the eff ect of wind or waves on the kayak.

+ Skeg Slider positioned in front of the rear paddler’s cockpit for easy visibility and access.

+ Rear hatch generously sized, with a super-dry KajakSport cover.

+ Lightweight foam bulkhead separates the hatch compartment from the rest of the kayak to keep it dry and your gear where you put it.

+ Second bulkhead separates the cockpits to allow the other paddler to roll if one swims.

+ Deck elastics for quick access storage of on-the-water essentials.

+ Paddle parks store your paddle safely whilst fi shing, taking photos, or just relaxing.

+ Action camera mount, securely mount an action camera so you can show your friends and family just how epic your adventure was!

USAGE: River Running, Recreational Touring

OUTFITTING: Stout 2 (mz3), Fit 4 Sport (TriLite), Connect (mz3)


OPTIONS: Custom Colour (Stout 2 only), Bow Mini Hatch (x2), Heavy Duty Hull


STOUT 2 €1.699,-

  • Stout Seat
  • Simple, solid, and highly ergonomic padded seat with trim adjustment and height adjustment shim.
  • Stout 2 Hip Pads
  • Deep-fill, oversized hip pads that mould to your shape, with foam adjustment shims for a snug fit.
  • Stout 2 Thigh Grips
  • Padded, contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment and an optional hooker upgrade.
  • Ratchet Backband
  • Padded backband with height adjustment and ratchet adjustment support.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Pillars and hull stiffeners vary between models and outfitting. Please refer to the table at the bottom of this page for spec variants

FIT 4 SPORT €1.699,-

  • Fit 4 Seat
  • Deep-fill padded seat, with adjustable leg support.
  • Flexible Seat Support
  • Self-adjusts to maintain optimal hull integrity, impact resistance, and performance.
  • Floating Backrest
  • Padded backrest with support adjustment.
  • Stout 2 Hip Pads
  • Deep-fill, oversized hip pads which mould to your shape, with foam adjustment shims to give a snug fit.
  • Fit 4 Thigh Grips
  • Modest yet functional thigh grips with simple, solid front to back adjustment.

CONNECT €1.499,-

  • Connect Seat
  • Simple seat pan with padded liner plus front to back adjustment.
  • Connect Hip Pads
  • Padded, thermoformed hip pads with adjustment shims for a secure fit.
  • Connect Thigh Grips
  • Padded, lightweight thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment.
  • Connect Ratchet Backband
  • Padded backband with height adjustment and ratchet adjustable support.


SizesOne Size
Length462cm / 15' 2"
Width71cm / 28"
External Cockpit Length95cm / 38"
External Cockpit Width50cm-54cm / 20-21.5"
Volume570l / 150(US) gal
Weight42kg / 93lb
Optimum Paddler Weight<230kg / <507lb

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