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Pyranha SPEEDER RAPID, toerkajak


Pyranha SPEEDER RAPID, toerkajak

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The Speeder is for those of us who want to get out on the water and paddle for a longer distance, it's for when we fancy running rapids with a bit of speed to blast over the wave train, it's for going out on all day paddles with your lunch packed.
You can paddle it around the coast or even power it along some flat water after a hard days work. The Speeder is super versatile with its manoeuvrability and easy going nature. It's so stable it even makes packing a camera essential. Most of all the Speeder is great fun!
Now available with Rapid outfitting, benefiting club paddlers and fleet owners alike, that won`t be paddling in out and out, big white water conditions.
This is the one to enjoy every day on the river, on the sea, lake or flat water.

Key Features:

  • A Fast U Hull Shape: Gives it pretty unparalleled efficacy through the water making the Speeder a very quick kayak when you put the power on, however if you want to just cruise along it will do that just as effortlessly too.
  • Long Waterline Length: Gives great speed and tracking through the water and maximises the Speeder's efficiency.
  • Low Wings: The modified shallow stern wings give very impressive secondary stability and allow the Speeder to be leaned over during a turn, allowing the hulls shape to induce the turn giving the Speeder its unique manoeuvrability and turning ability for a kayak this long.
  • Rear Bulkhead and Hatch: For carrying extra gear or a full lunch. It's pretty big!
  • Foam Bulkhead: Adds extra buoyancy to the kayak.
  • Rapid Seat and Backrest: Fixed plastic seat with adjustable padded backrest.
  • Rapid Grab Handles: Webbing with an ergonomic rubber coating gives an easy and comfortable way to carry your kayak.

USAGE: River Running, River Tour, Fitness, Compeition

OUTFITTING: Connect, Rapid

DECK SIZE: Keyhole

OPTIONS: Sharks Tooth Footrest


Length 450cm / 14' 9"
Width 60cm / 23.5"
External Cockpit Length 90cm / 35.5"
External Cockpit Width 49.5cm / 19.5"
Volume 366l / 96gal (US)
Weight 22kg / 48.5lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 55 - 125kg / 121 - 275lb


Fixed Seat: Simple, lightweight, and low maintenance.
Rapid Backrest: Padded backband with speed buckle support adjustment (excludes TG Lite).
Padded Thigh Grips: Moulded in to the cockpit rim for low maintenance and weight.

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