Prijon-Seayak 500 LV, 1 pers zeekajak


Prijon-Seayak 500 LV, 1 pers zeekajak


Niet voorradig
€ 1 927,00 incl btw

Niet voorradig
€ 1 927,00 incl btw
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The name SEAYAK has been synonym for fast, attractive kayaks with safe and manageable riding qualities for many years. Three different shapes are on offer to provide every paddler with the ideal boat for larger rivers, lakes or along the coast. 

SEAYAK 500 LV is a sporty and fast kayak for smaller and lighter paddlers.

Main characteristics are the slim and sporty shape, low overall volume as well as a seating hatch with an optimum seating position for smaller paddlers. Marked lines on the lower boat, derived from our knikspant, provide the 500 LV with good tracking qualities as well as good agility on the lateral edges.

The perfect kayak for longer trips on open waters, large rivers and the sea.

The Seayak 500 is equipped with our comfortable touring seat-system, lightweight 3D-thigh braces and slide footrest. Therefore you can easily find and adjust your individual seating position!

The huge amount of mounting possibilities on deck enable you to transport all of your luggage and important accessories.

 It is equipped with:

  •  - Touring seat system (position of seat individually adjustable)
  • - 3D Touring thigh brace (adjustable in three dimensions)
  • - Slide footrest (individually adjustable)
  • - Two waterproof bulkheads with PE-hatches
  • - A large deck-net behind the cockpit
  • - Bungee deck rigging in front of the cockpit (e.g. for bilge pump)
  • - Day-hatch within reach in front of the cockpit
  • - Roundabout-leash for mounting bags and pockets
  • - Paddle holder for installing an outrigger with the Paddle float for re-entering
  • - Spare-paddle holder
  • - Anti-theft device
  • - Towline
  • - Additional hooks and eyes (e.g. for attaching map sleeves or deck bags)
  • - Prepared for steering


HTP500 cm55 cm26 kg329 L
100 kg2 (92cm)50-80 kg50 L95 L

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