Prijon-Prilite Aruna


Prijon-Prilite Aruna


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€ 2 610,00 incl btw

Niet voorradig
€ 2 610,00 incl btw

Niet voorradig
€ 2 610,00 incl btw
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lightweight, fast and agile!

The Aruna is a skeg type sea kayak that will suit the small to medium large paddler looking for a technical kayak to use on longer tours.

It has a more moderate rocker to the hull than the PriLite Senja and Prilite Skegyak, making it easy to manoeuvre using your weight and paddle strokes.

When the skeg is collapsed, it is very agile on the edge and incredible fun to paddle and surf. When the skeg is folded out, it is fast and well-tracking. 

The PriLite Aruna offers you a slender bow with a highly stable, slight ‘V’ body with multi chines. Giving you a smooth ride and effortless control in all conditions. Thanks to its moderate rocker profile it runs with the waves like no other PriLite sea kayak out there.

It is designed for open water expeditions but equally suited to day trips on lakes and large rivers.

The new Kajak sport spring loaded skeg system works very well, and the usual Prijon comfort seating and knee bracing make it easy to handle. The back rest is the lower white water type, that is easy to adjust while sitting.

It offers you a storage capacity for a longer tour, with large openings for larger items, sealed with the water tight neoprene and hard shell cover that is easy to use. The forward day hatch is the new hard box type again from Kayaksport, ideal for the smaller items you need to keep handy.

The PriLite ARUNA is also pimped with colored deck lines and trim to the seat that make the metallic shine stand out even more with a contrasting color.

The scooped forward part of cockpit will help ladies with a lower torso not to strike the sides while paddling, or for when using a wing paddle on a long tour. The kayak will suit perfectly anyone 60 to 90 kg, although it can be sued by heavier paddlers, but the ease of turning decreases with a heavier load, particularly if loaded for a multi-day tour.


PriLite is a thermoformed, resistant ABS-material. Robust, lightweight and easy to repair. 

To produce PriLite kayaks, ABS-bonded panels, sealed with UV-resistant perspex, are pulled into the hot moulds, which have a temperature of approximately 80 degrees, in a computerized process, using heat and vacuum. Top and bottom of the boat are inseparably joined together by a double-sided U-profile. This profile additionally strengthens the sides of the kayak against impact. The mounting of deck and interior fittings are thoroughly done by hand, as on all Prijon boats.

Advantages: PriLite boats are approx. 20% lighter than comparable kayaks made of HTP. At the same time there is a clear advantage regarding stability compared to GFK or Carbon/Aramide.


  • + Innovative, ergonomically shaped seat-system with hip pads and an adjustable back belt
  • + Relatively slim cockpit with ergonomically shaped thigh pads for a best possible power transmission and maximum control
  • + SeaDog footrest
  • + Skeg-box
  • + Two waterproof bulkheads
  • + Day hatch
  • + Two bungee deck riggings
  • + Roundabout leash
  • + Paddle holder
  • + Anti-theft device


MaterialLengthWidthWeight CockpitVolumeCapacityPaddler weightStorage frontStorage back
PriLite509 cm55 cm24 kg3 (88 cm)330 L120 kg60 - 100 kg45 L112 L

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