Prijon-Millenium EVO, 1 pers zeekajak


Prijon-Millenium EVO, 1 pers zeekajak


Niet voorradig
€ 2 557,00 incl btw

Niet voorradig
€ 2 557,00 incl btw
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This beautiful kayak is a combination of a fast sea kayak and an agile single kayak for rivers and lakes. The long, slim, form provides a high level of speed, the pronounced knickspant on the lower hull offers a comparably high measure of agility, so that you will also be able to use the MILLENIUM EVO on rivers and lakes in a perfect way.
The new and modern design of the deck, combined with the increased rocker, make the MILLENIUM EVO a stylish kayak for light and medium weight paddlers.
Available in GFK, for an optimum combination of weight and stiffness, and in Carbon-Aramid/CA for the lowest possible weight at maximum stiffness of the hull.

Further options:

Reinforced deck:
Our kayaks are constructed to be as light as possible. If you are a heavy paddler or plan to do re-entries etc. it could be helpful to have a reinforced deck. For this, we add an extra layer of glassfiber/carbon-aramide with transverse reinforcement to the rear deck, at a premium. The weight of your kayak increases by approx. 2 kg.  
Art.Nr.: 90 409
Carbon/Aramide layer in cockpit area:
To create a nicer and high-end look also on the inside of your kayak, you can choose a carbon-aramide layer in the cockpit-area, at a premium.
Art.Nr.: 88 891
Full-carbon bottom
As an alternative to the carbon-aramid bottom you can also choose a full-carbon bottom at a premium.
Art.Nr.: 88 890 





505 cm59 cm

20,5 kg

19 kg

360 L125 kg3 (88cm)65-90 kg48 L119 L

Millenium EVO Carbon-Aramid €3599,-

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