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Prijon-Curve 3.0 ACTIVE


Prijon-Curve 3.0 ACTIVE

€ 885,00 incl btw
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€ 885,00 incl btw
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The CURVE 3.0 is a fast and agile whitewater kayak with excellent buoyancy qualities. Pronounced edges on the lower boat provide good tracking and precise riding qualities. This makes the CURVE 3.0 a fun boat for almost all terrains, e.g. on the Mangfall or the Weller bridges stretch of the Ötz. The PRO equipment provides direct contact with the boat and therefore more control and. The CURVE 3.0 PRO has a aluminum shock-absorber plate as a standard feature. Our TEAM paddlers travel the globe in order to thoroughly test function and durability of our white water kayaks. In the year 2016 the destinations stretched from South America via all the beautiful paddling terrains in Europe to far Siberia and Nepal. The experiences of these first-class paddlers have a direct influence on the development of our models.

ACTIVE: Economical version of the CURVE 3.0, due to simplified equipment.

In 2017 the CURVE 3.0 ACTIVE will be available with a mixed-colored hull, too.


  • LENGTH 268 cm
  • WIDTH 68 cm
  • WEIGHT 21 kg
  • VOLUME 300 Liter
  • COCKPIT L (86x51 cm)
  • PADDLERWEIGHT 75-115 kg
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