Palm Folding Knife, vouwmes 11479


Palm Folding Knife, vouwmes 11479

€ 17,00 incl btw
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€ 17,00 incl btw
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Everything a paddler needs from a knife – a 70 mm locking blade‚ serrated rope-cutting edge and a safely rounded tip. Its low profile knurled handle fits neatly in a PFD knife pocket‚ and the bite pull-tab is a simple addition which makes it easier to open one-handed. Code11479



  • Glass fibre injected nylon
  • Japanese stainless steel

Weight:                    49 g


  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Length 70 mm
  • Serrated cutting edge
  • Rounded nose

Other Features:       Hypalon pull tab for one handed opening


  • Low profile‚ ergonomic shape
  • Dimensions 3 x 11 x 1.3 cm
  • Grippy pattern
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