Pakboats Puffin Saranac, vouwkajak


Pakboats Puffin Saranac, vouwkajak

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€ 1 599,00 incl btw
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Puffin Saranac

The flexible two-seater kayak of the Puffin family. With a weight of an unbelievable 13.2 kg and a payload capacity of 180 kg, the Puffin Saranac is an ideal companion with storage space for daily luggage. Similar to the Saco, the Saranac puffin was also given a refreshment some time ago: Longer, slimmer, a sharper bow and overlaps at the ends gave it a new look. The optional soft top is available in two fresh colours (blue and yellow) and completes the slim and sporty appearance of the Saranac.

Not only design features of the (higher priced) Quest series were adopted, but also constructional details. The gunwales for example, are stretched into the skin and thus provide more stiffness. Due to its shape and construction, the new Saranac has more directional stability on the water than the old model and can be paddled with ease and speed. The skin and frame materials are identical to those of the Puffin Saco. As an additional advantage, the Puffin Saranac can easily be converted to a solo seater with a few simple steps. Ideal if you want to paddle alone or in pairs. Optionally, it is possible to install a deck (solo or double deck). The self-supporting deck also allows the attachment of spray skirts.

All in all, a folding kayak for recreational use that offers the highest degree of flexibility - and all this with a single packing size in sports bag dimensions! Ideal if you have the kayak for example in your holiday luggage and want to go on the water spontaneously. It is set up and ready for use in just a few minutes. And when you don't need it, the packing bag doesn't take up much space. 


  • Seating Capacity: 2 (1)
  • Length: 480 cm
  • Width: 71 cm
  • weight: 13,2 kg
  • Payload: 180 kg
  • Cockpit: 385 x 58 cm (Cockpit hatch of the roof: 83 x 43 cm)
  • Set-up time: ~10-15 min.
  • packing size: 75x30x40 cm

scope of delivery:

  • seats
  • packing bag
  • repair set
  • pump
  • removable skeg
  • installed keel strips


  • 2-persons or solo deck (blue or yellow)
  • skirt
  • inflatable footrest
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