P&H Valkyrie-sport 2+1dekluiken, roer


P&H Valkyrie-sport 2+1dekluiken, roer

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€ 2 449,00 incl btw
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Deze zeer snelle zeekajak is een toerkajak die zeewaardig is, dankzij de twee waterdichte luiken, voor tochten op zee en andere grote wateren zoals meren, kanalen en rivieren. Deze zeekajak is robuust, koersvast, golfbestendig, en zeer comfortabel.

The Valkyrie is a sea kayak designed for speed; whether you use that speed to take on more extensive open water crossings and expeditions, to challenge a circumnavigation record, or just to inject a touch more adrenaline in to your day trips, is up to you.

A narrow, vertical bow maintains maximum waterline length whilst slicing cleanly through the water, creating a clean path for the rest of the kayak’s hull to follow effi ciently; added benefi ts of this shape are increased bow hatch volume, and a more engaged hull at the bow to counteract windage.

Rounding out the Valkyrie’s high performance design are ergonomic paddle entry cutaways, a low volume back deck for unhindered rolling and re-entry, and of course, moulded-in fi ttings for quick and easy installation of the P&H Kayak Sail Systems.

Choose this kayak for:

+ Slender hull with maximum waterline for maximum speed.

+ Square cross-section hull under the paddler off ers supreme initial stability, and also lends itself well to surfing.

+ Paddle entry cutaways just in front of the cockpit allow more vertical blade entry closer to the kayak for optimum paddle stroke efficiency.

+ Highly rocker, cut-off stern efficiently releases surface tension, and is preceded by a pronounced rocker profile to loosen up the stern when turning between waves and provide lift during downwind surfing.

+ Lightly angled hatch rims towards the centre of the kayak allow easier access, particularly when loading longer items.

+ Highly adjustable out fitting: adjustable thigh grips, seat, backrest, and footrests allow the paddler to find a comfortable fi t that’s tailored to them.

USAGE: Fast Expedition




CONTROL: Overstern Rudder



540 cm54 cmtbc25 kg130 kg

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