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P&H Scorpio MK II MV, zeekajak


P&H Scorpio MK II MV, zeekajak

Ocean Turquoise    

Niet voorradig
€ 1 949,00 incl btw

Niet voorradig
€ 1 949,00 incl btw
€ 1 949,00 incl btw
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The P&H Scorpio MKII is the ultimate, fully featured expedition platform for those who want the peace of mind that comes with a polyethylene sea kayak during rough launches and landings, or for anyone whose budget won’t stretch to a composite construction but wants the best of the best in polyethylene.

The Scorpio shares the same progressive hull profi le as its composite counterpart, the Cetus, transitioning seamlessly from a slender bow to a highly stable, slight ‘V’ body with rounded chines; it’s fast and true when fl at, but roll it over on to the chines and the bow and stern free up to allow the boat to spin on the spot, all the while being impressively stable.

Choose this kayak for:

  • Designed around open water expeditions but equally suited to day trip exploration/
  • Swede-form design, widest point behind seat for maximum stability and minimal hindrance to paddle strokes.
  • Shallow ‘V’ Hull with rounded chines for the ultimate blend of performance, control and stability.
  • Long waterline for effi cient travel over long distances.
  • Versatile, 4-Hatch design; Bow, Stern, Day and Pod (lightly angled for easier access).
  • Moulded-in fi ttings for fast and simple installation of the P&H sail systems.
  • Skeg slider positioned on deck to avoid interference with high angle paddle strokes.
  • Low profi le back deck and cockpit rim for easy rolling.
  • Split paddle and compass recesses on forward deck.

USAGE: Expedition, General Use



DECK SIZE: Small (LV), Large (MV), Extra Large (HV)

CONTROL: Skeg or SkudderTM


  • Silva 70p Compass €115,-
  • Sail System €379,-
  • Full Plate Footrests €99,-


LV508 cm53 cm271 L25.5 kg50 - 110 kg
MV525 cm58 cm317 L27 kg65 - 125 kg
HV535 cm61 cm344 L30 kg75 - 135 kg

Skeg: €1949,-

Skudder: €2099,-

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