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P&H Cetus HV, zeekajak


P&H Cetus HV, zeekajak

Pacific Blue    

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€ 3 849,00 incl btw
Atlantic Sunrise    

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€ 3 849,00 incl btw
Custom Colour op aanvraag    

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€ 3 849,00 incl btw
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If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite sea kayaking photographer gets such crisp shots whilst on the water, the answer is probably a Cetus; a shallow ‘V’ hull and large, rounded chines smoothly transitioning in to a slender bow and stern means the Cetus can cover distance comfortably, but will also swing round nimbly on edge, all whilst being remarkable stable.

The Cetus is a load carrying cruiser, and features 4 hatches for the versatile distribution of gear, but is equally at home on day trips; its stability and highly comfortable outfi tting will allow paddlers of any ability to confi dently push their limits and enjoy the unique environments sea kayaking has to off er.

Choose this kayak for:

  • Long waterline and shallow ‘V’ hull, makes open water crossings a joy and will have you at the horizon in no time.
  • Large, rounded chines, provide confi dence inspiring stability, and release the bow and stern when edging for compact turns.
  • Swede form design, widest section is behind the seat creating a, stable and confi dence inspiring platform.
  • Low back deck and cockpit rim, reduces windage, and facilitates easier rolling and re-entry.
  • Deck reinforcement as standard, to withstand the forces exerted by a kayak sail mast foot.

USAGE: Expedition, General Use

OUTFITTING: Connect, Performance



CONTROL: Skeg and/or Rudder




LV531 cm54 cm292 L25 kg19 kg28 kg45 - 105 kg
MV541 cm45.5 cm332 L26 kg20 kg29 kg55 - 125 kg
HV557 cm57 cm379 L27 cm23 cm30 cm65 - 140 kg

Performance Kevlar / Diolen : €3.849,-

Expedition Diolen : €4.099,-

Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon infusion : €4.899,-

Expedition Kevlar / Carbon infusion: €5.399,-

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