P&H Aries 150, zeekajak


P&H Aries 150, zeekajak

Pacific Blue    

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€ 4 129,00 incl btw
Atlantic Sunrise    

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€ 4 129,00 incl btw
Custom Colour op aanvraag    

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€ 4 129,00 incl btw
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The Aries takes the ground-breaking Delphin design and refi nes it for production in advanced composite material systems by our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, making it truly come alive in the surf, as well as on short to mid-length expeditions. A planing hull is highly manoeuvrable, reassuringly stable, and ideal for use in the surf, where the high volume bow with pronounced rocker in combination with a set-back cockpit position prevents the Aries from purling and allows you to ride the wave all the way in to shore.

Choose this kayak for:

+ Planing hull, confi dence inspiring stability, and unparalleled performance in the surf.

+ High volume, rockered bow, prevents purling and punches through the surf on the way back out.

+ Squared-off stern, for good speed and tracking.

+ Low back deck and cockpit rim, easy to roll or re-enter when the wave wins.

+ Deck reinforcement as standard, to withstand the forces exerted by a kayak sail mast foot.

+ Hard chines at the bow, pick up quickly on a wave for control right from the start.

+ Rear weighting, keeps the bow light for high manoeuvrability and great balance on a wave.

USAGE: Ocean Play, Short Expeditions

OUTFITTING: Connect, Performance



CONTROL: Skeg and/or Rudder




150 466 cm56 cm279 L25 kg20 kg27 kg40–105 kg
155 485 cm57 cm290 L26 kg22 kg30 kg65–125 kg

Performance Kevlar / Diolen: €4.129,-

Expedition Diolen: €4.439,-
Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion: €5.289,-
Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion: €5.799,-

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