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Nova Craft Canoes PROSPECTOR 17’, 2 pers kano


Nova Craft Canoes PROSPECTOR 17’, 2 pers kano

€ 1 599,00 incl btw


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€ 1 599,00 incl btw
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If you want a canoe that will handle a month’s worth of supplies to head out on a wilderness adventure, this canoe is for you. In the Prospector 17’ you’ll find all the great characteristics that have made this canoe a paddling legend in places like the Yukon and Canadian Arctic. With lots of volume to keep you and your gear dry in whitewater or waves it still tracks well with good hull speed on flatwater. Our durable materials and classic Prospector lines make the P17 the ultimate wilderness extended tripping canoe.


Plastic SP3:  45 kg

Nova Craft builds plastic canoes using rotational molding. This technique results in very strong canoes that are much more affordable than their composite counterparts. Our plastic canoes are made of three layers of superlinear polyethylene which we refer to as SP3.

SP3 canoe hulls are made by roto-molding three layers of superlinear polyethylene powder. The two outer layers are solid and the middle layer is foam. These canoes are extremely strong and are an excellent choice for river use or general recreational use. These are the most affordable canoes we make. Our tough SP3 canoes are very popular for outfitters and rental stations.

2 seats SP3: €1.599,-

3 seats SP3: €1.750,-

4 seats SP3: €1.899,-


Length: 17′ / 518cm
Width:36″ / 91.4cm
Center Depth:15″ / 38.1cm
End Depth: 23″ / 58.4cm
Rocker: 2.5″ / 6.4cm
Capacity:1200lb / 545kg 

· Symmetrical Hull

· Shallow Arch Bottom

· Moderate Rocker

· Available with or without shoe keel in some materials. Weights listed above are for no-keel versions.

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