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Nortik scubi 2 XL - the all-in-one boat!


nortik scubi 2 XL - the all-in-one boat!

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Niet voorradig
€ 1 699,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje

Niet voorradig
€ 1 699,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje
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The nortik scubi 2 XL marks a new era in the field of nortik hybrid technology and is by far the most versatile boat in the entire scubi family: fast assembly, excellent performance and as variable as never before!

Based on the system of the nortik scubi 1 XL, the two-person version offers maximum flexibility when it comes to the type of use.

With a variably insertable seat, it opens up completely new possibilities. It can of course be paddled by two people, but it can also be used with a toddler looking towards the rear. A larger child, who wants to paddle along, can take a seat in the direction of travel. An ideal solo position is also possible.

The scubi 2 XL is the boat that grows with you and is always exactly what you need!


Seating capacity: 2
length: 480 cm
width:90 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Max. Payload: 250 kg
Cockpit: 325 x 48 cm
Set-up time: approx. 15min
Pack size: 120x48x25 cm
Skin: PVC/PU mixture
Frame: painted aluminium

Scope of delivery:

  • Backpack
  • hanging chair
  • high belts
  • air pump
  • installed keel strip
  • foam pads
  • repair kit

 Even more variety through extensive accessories:

  •  2-person deck with solid coaming
  • Solo deck with solid coaming
  • Steering system with extra long steering blade
  • Extra high backrest
  • 3. seat for the middle position and/or child
  • Skirts in nylon and thermal PU
  • nortik kayak sail system 0.8 sqm / nortik kayak sail system 1.0 sqm
  • Sailing rig with stabiliser and side blade
  • Sea sock in thermal PU
  • Drop Stitch Inset
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