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Nortik scubi 1 XL - a real all-rounder!, vouwkajak


nortik scubi 1 XL - a real all-rounder!, vouwkajak

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Niet voorradig
€ 1 099,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje

Niet voorradig
€ 1 099,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje
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hat is what we call a great start! In spring 2016, the scubi 1 XL finally came onto the market and was immediately tested by several special interest magazines and was overwhelmed with fulminant ratings. The “Kajakmagazin” honored the scubi 1 XL with the "Kauf-Tipp" and the “Kanumagazin” wrote: "Finally, also tall paddlers have access to the “club of the scubists", which means the great (fan) community of the scubi paddlers.

With the scubi 1 XL, a hybrid kayak was created in which all, including the big paddlers, fit in. It is built up quickly and equipped with two high pressure air chambers, which can operate with an operating pressure of up to 0.35 bar (5.07 psi) while its bottom isn’t made of air elements and thus generates the necessary draught to have a good behavior in the water. A kayak with finest hybrid technology that needs only a minimum of frame parts to generate stiffness and a perfect tracking in the water. The bottom isn’t made of air elements and thus allows a draught in the water which leads to the good tracking result. Think of an inflatable kayak with a flat bottom – that boat is always only on the water surface and affected by wind, waves and stream – not in the water like a scubi with the hybrid technology. Its tracking is much better and you need less energy to reach your destination, because your kayak runs with draught in the water. A very important advantage!

The innovative and protected "foam padded keel protection system" prevents damage to the skin - in addition to the externally welded keel strip. The boat has a packing size which reminds rather of a medium sized backpack than a packing bag for a kayak. It weighs just 12 kg and is a sensational lightweight. The paddling characteristic is more likely a boat in the tour segment than in the recreation area. Also the price is a real announcement is for a kayak of this class!

In the accessories you can find a deck that can easily be attached to the boat with a strong velcro. Combines with a spry skirt you are save from splash water, rain, etc. The scubi 1 XL can also be equipped with a optional rudder system. So, there are no wishes remain open.

The scubi 1 XL follows the slogan "simply paddle: the principle scubi" more than faithful! In our opinion, it is the fastest to be assembled hybrid kayak and so easy ready to use.

It is designed for recreational use and is extremely versatile. The scubi 1 XL is also based on the hybrid technology developed by nortik and impressively combines the advantages of the inflatable and folding boats. The materials are a high-quality PVC/PU-Mixture for the hull and black lacquered aluminium for the frame. The scubi1 XL is simply fun combined with a great performance in the water.


  • Seats: 1
  • Length: 380 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Payload: 130 kg
  • Assembly time: 8-10 min
  • Packing size: 85x55x22 cm

Scope of delivery:

  • Bag with backpack function
  • comfortable seat
  • high straps
  • air pump including manometer
  • installed keel strips
  • keel foam pads
  • relief valves
  • repair kit


  • Deck
  • Spray Skirt Nylon or Thermal-PU
  • rudder system
  • cockpit cover
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