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Nortik FamilyRaft, packraft


nortik FamilyRaft, packraft

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Niet voorradig
€ 799,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje

Niet voorradig
€ 799,00 incl btw
In winkelmandje
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nortik FamilyRaft – more space for paddler(s) and gear

The largest of its kind in the nortik packraft family. It is delivered with one seat, but offers a place for an adult with a child or - if one is not afraid of some closeness and not one of the biggest paddlers - two adults can find room. Traveling with the FamilyRaft alone, you have a lot of room for gear and your legs.

With only 3.8 kg, the 2.90 m long FamilyRaft is in a very own league in terms of lightness. Also the packing size with 55 x 30 cm is incredible small for that size of a boat. So if you need a bit more of everything, the FamilyRaft is just the right choice!

 Weight and packing size

  • 3.8 kg for the FamilyRaft itself.
  • Complete set of raft, seat, inflation bag, carrying bag it is only 4.48 kg. Packing size is 55 x 30 cm.
  • Length: 290 cm
  • Width: 101 cm
  • Inner space: 200 x 40 cm
  • Payload: 175 kg
  • Weight: 4.48 kg (complete set)
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