Nigel Dennis Pulse, 1 pers zeekajak


Nigel Dennis Pulse, 1 pers zeekajak

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€ 4 199,00 incl btw
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The kayak is designed for fast cruising with very little rocker and a long waterline.
For the majority of paddlers it is possible to paddle with your knees up in the centre of the cockpit or out to the side for maximum control and stability. The kayak is quite stable and designed with boxy rails for stability in rougher water. The Cadence is the longer model designed for sea state 1 and 2 and the Pulse is the shorter kayak designed more for sea state 3+ For surfing and tidal races we would recommend other kayak models in the range. This is a fast, good fun training / touring kayak.

Length 533 cm
Width 50.5 cm
Height 31 cm
3 x hatches large round to front. Day Hatch. Oval rear hatch.
Knee bumps for maximum contact and control in rough water
Wide cockpit to enable most people to paddle with their knees up
A double concave leading into a flat area in the centre of the hull. This promotes early planning on waves but it also aids turning
The pulse comes with a rudder as standard but a skeg is an option
Werner aluminium footrests
Adjustable fiberglass seat
Deck lines and elastics
The hull has a double concave running from the bow and a flat area mid kayak.
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