Nautiraid UMIAK 390


Nautiraid UMIAK 390

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€ 1 980,00 incl btw
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The Umiak 390 features a canoe hull while still allowing its occupants to paddle like in a kayak with a double bladed paddle. This unique concept is an alternative to fully inflatable kayaks. The Umiak 390 frame is 5 aluminium tubes, giving it unrivalled rigidity in its category. With smooth lines, the Umiak boasts greater hydrodynamic properties. Its low pressure inflatable sides need no tedious inflating (kite-surfing’s ‘bladder’ technique). This gives you greater internal space.


The Umiak 390 is a 3-in-1: you can paddle it like a kayak alone or with another person, and you can also paddle it in canoe mode with the raised seat (optional extra). Another bonus is that the Umiak fits in one bag, with a weight of 15kg. The canoe-shaped hull means you can go down Class II rivers as well as do coastal paddling.


Length and widthWeight Maximum load 
Frame Dimensions of bags 
390 X 79 CM16 kg190 kg
Frame : Aluminium110 x 65 x 15 cm + 118 x 50 cm

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