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Nautiraid NOOK

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Sandglass Assembly time 15 min

With the NOOK, Nautiraid wants to take its experience with Greenlandic-inspired folding kayaks even further! After the famous Narak 550, it’s time for the NOOK to make its entrance.

The NOOK is based on authentic Greenlandic kayaks and has a sleek design that will appeal to the rolling enthusiast. “Balance Brace”, “Butterfly roll” and other manoeuvres will be on the plan with the NOOK, but not only…

Its taut lines, sharp chines and low volume make it a very dynamic, fast kayak with almost no wind resistance. You will appreciate the purity of its glide again and again!

NOOK weighs only 19.5 kg. With its wooden frame, it can be easily stored in a single bag. With an elegance that easily transports us to the heart of the Arctic, the NOOK is a nod to Robert Flaherty’s 1922 documentary film Nanook of the North…exactly 100 years ago!


Bag size : Weight : Maximum load : Coaming, external dimensions : Coaming, internal dimensions : Frame :Skin :Float bags : 
155 x 46 x 15 cm19.5 kg110 kg71.5 cm x 43.5 cm64 cm x 37.5 cmWoodenPVCYes (front and rear)

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