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Lettmann Trapper 490


Lettmann Trapper 490

€ 1 880,00 incl btw


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€ 1 880,00 incl btw
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Product information "Trapper 490"

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Our open canoes of the Trapper series are popular for their high tilt stability. The long waterline enables fast pace and a good directional stability. The rails are the bottom improve the canoe's guidance, even on water in movement the Trapper stay on target. Due to its robust construction of PE the Trapper is extremely durable and easy-care, the 3-layer construction made of 2 layer of PE and an inner foam layer provides isolation, stiffness und makes it unsinkable. It is the perfect canoe for families, beginners and touring-paddlers with a lot of luggage. The bulbous bottom bears a lot of additional load and a safe even lies safe in water when the maximum capacity is reached. Thanks to its robust construction and easy handling the Trapper is even a favorite for rentals.

The Trapper 490 fills the gap between the Trapper 450 and 518. As usual for the Trapper series the Trapper 490 as well has the coaming directly linked to the bottom, preventing the water from collecting in the groove. It's big enough for up to 4 grown ups, fast, directional stable und very secure.

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