Lettmann Skagerrak Expedition Plus DCS HV met front hatch cockpit


Lettmann Skagerrak Expedition Plus DCS HV met front hatch cockpit

€ 3 770,00 incl btw
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€ 3 770,00 incl btw
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The Lettmann "Skagerrak" is our very new seakayak, designed either for tall and heavy kayakers, or for super long trips with tons of luggage. Although the "Skagerrak" is a kayak with lots of volume, it is a sportive kayak with a very high directional stability, but easy to carve and surf.

The gimmick - our Skeg-Rudder

The Skagerrak's gimmick can be found under water - the innovative skeg rudder sysrem - invented by Lettmann. In an unique way it combines the classical skeg's function withe a rudder's advantages. It provides the perfect way to get used to working with a skeg - but if you leave your personal comfort zone, you can easily use it as a wholesome rudder that makes it easier to navigate the kayak, for beginner just like for experienced kayakers in rough conditions.

The story

The skeg rudder was established in 2007, only for one seakayak, the Lettmann “Polar” which was not easy to navigate, due to its very round hull design. After that the skeg rudder was completely retrieved in 2014 for our “Biskaya”. Kayaker immediately loved the new opportunity to use both – skeg and rudder – in one system. The biskaya became our most successful sea kayak in our range. Now, after mounting it also to our Greenland seakayak “Skinner”, the Skagerrak is the third kayak with this innovative and perfectly working system.

The Skagerrak's Update

Our newcomer now has a little Brother, the MV. Reduced in volume it is made for medium-weight and -size paddlers, wanting to have a fast and maneuverable seakayak with a big cockpit. It is now offically available!

Equipment features

  • Skeg-Rudder
  • 2 oval rubber hatch covers
  • transparent bulkheads
  • 20mm fabric tape outer seam
  • toggle, all-around rope, luggage net and bungee deck rigging
  • three different material variants

MAC 3-Cockpit

  • steering foot pedal on centre rail
  • adjustable Comflex-seat with seat cushion
  • backrest with Contour-cushion
  • adjustable thigh braces


  • third bulkhead with hatch cover behind the seat
  • compass Silvia 70 P with console
  • Skeg
  • Day hatch in front: + €179


  • spraydeck / hatch cover: size D Bighole
  • further extra equipment on request

In stock color white deck, white bottom with red stripe and red deck lines.

weight (kg)
weight (kg)
weight (kg)
MV Expedition Plus  555/58soonsoon88 cm96x51 cm282423
HV Expedition Plus  555/58175 kg415,90,200,125 l88 cm96x51 cm282423

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