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Lettmann Aurora Touring Plus DCS


Lettmann Aurora Touring Plus DCS

€ 2 450,00 incl btw
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€ 2 450,00 incl btw
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Though it is only five meters long, the Aurora is a fast, directional stabile and super secure Sea Kayak. This is ensured by the U-formed bottom beneath the cockpit combined with the V-shaped bottom at the nose. Thanks to the prominent rocker the Aurora is to be maneuvered very easily, this feature is even improved by the standard Balance steering system. On the other hand, you can improve its directional stability, by featuring the kayak with the optional skeg. This compact boat is perfect for light kayakers, doing daytrips or tours. It is appropriate for beginners and advanced, who could even try surfing on the sea with it.

Equipment features

  • Balance rudder system
  • 2 oval rubber hatch covers
  • transparent bulkheads
  • 20mm fabric tape outer seam
  • toggle, all-around rope, luggage net and bungee deck rigging
  • two different material variants
  • day hatch in front of cockpit

MAC 3-Cockpit

  • steering foot pedal on centre rail
  • adjustable Comflex-seat with seat cushion
  • backrest with Contour-cushion
  • adjustable thigh braces


  • third bulkhead with hatch cover behind the seat
  • compass Silvia 70 P with console
  • Skeg


  • spraydeck / hatch cover: size I 
  • further extra equipment on request

Standaard: zonder roer en hatch in front of cockpit: 1950euro

LCS uitvoering (19kg): +700euro

Volumelength/width capacity total volume inner cockpit outer cockpit DCS
weight (kg) 
weight (kg) 

Touring Plus 500/58140305,50,160,957984x842319

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