KS OVAL HATCH 44/26 LRC, COVER, ovaal luik deksel UV bestendigd


KS OVAL HATCH 44/26 LRC, COVER, ovaal luik deksel UV bestendigd

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€ 39,99 incl btw
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The Light Rubber Cover (LRC) Hatch series is our latest hatch development together with the LRC-HT series. Elasticity describes this series most incisive. This cover is made for an option

for the original rubber cover. The LRC has a good stretch ability to work watertight in PE-rims. It is lighter than the original rubber cover and has more elegant visual surface quality. The lightness can easily be noticed as this series really floats! The profile of the LRC-series is identical compared to the original rubber covers, so they have equal fitting properties to various rims, however original rubber cover is possible to over stretch thanks to the superior elasticity properties of the material. The LRC material is fully UV and weather protected for long use.

XKS-product code: 302415.1


Weight: 677 g
Length: 485 mm
Width: 300 mm
Height: 30 mm

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