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Kober Sundance kano peddel 142 cm


Kober Sundance kano peddel 142 cm

€ 124,95 incl btw
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€ 124,95 incl btw
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The Sundance is a well designed and fantastic looking paddle made of different kinds of wood.

For this paddle we use basswood, cherry and butternut. Basswood is lightweight, cherry is strong, resistant and nice with its warm colour and texture. Butternut is an extraordinary light wood in a deeper brownish texture which you can't find in any other wood compared to its weight. The tip is reinforced with a durable resin edge, the shaft is laminated of cherry and bass wood. For that reason it's strong yet lightweight and an eye catcher with its contrast of the different kind of wood. The perfectly shaped ergonomic palm grip feels great in your hands and supports an effortless handling of that wonderful paddle.

COLOURbrownish wooden colors
BLADE MATERIAL  basswood, cherry, butternut
EDGE PU-resin edge
SHAFT basswood, cherry, ø 30 mm, oval
HANDLE palm grip, basswood/cherry
WEIGHT ca. 715 gr
LENGTH 142 cm
BLADE SIZE 54,0 x 19,0 cm

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