Kape MINI C1, wedstrijdkano C1


Kape MINI C1, wedstrijdkano C1

€ 1 099,00 incl btw

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€ 1 099,00 incl btw
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The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Our Mini series is designed for young paddlers under the age of 13. For those who are about to meet the disciplines of flatwater canoe & kayak sports. Mini C1 is the best choice to learn the principles of canoeing. Then to obtain & improve the right technique and to gain stability before changing to C1 sprint kayaks.

The single (Mini K1), the double (Mini K2), the team (Mini K4) kayaks and the Mini C1 are providing the right sport equipments for junior trainers and coaches of kayak schools to show the beauty in canoe and kayak sports.. and to pass the spirit to the new generation.


Length: 465 cm
Width: 52 cm
13.5 kg
Paddler's weight: 
40-70 kg
Stability level:4

Available constructions

Our boats are available in different construction levels in order to meet each customer's preferences. These have been set up to be in line with the requirements of each segment of the market - from hobbyists & clubs to top athletes - while providing the most favourable quality and price conditions for that specific group of users.

The following constructions differ in the raw materials and technologies applied during the manufacturing process. These together determine the hardness, the weight (for non-weight regulated models) and the overall interior look of the boat. In practice, an upper construction results a harder, lighter and more spectacular boat.

Besides, the standard and availble fittings could be also different in case of many models. So we advise to have a look at the "Fittings" section of this article as well.

STANDARD - €1099,-

  • Materials: fiberglass / polyester resin
  • Technology: hand lay-up
  • Hardness: 5/10
  • Description: Composite boats made in the traditional way: using only fiberglass and hand-lay up. The method is simple but effective, the result is a true classic.
  • Advised: Entry-level boats ideal for learning purposes, hobby, recreational use or. This construction offers an economical solution for clubs and associations.

STANDARD+ - €1239,-

  • Materials: fiberglass + carbon-kevlar reinforcement on the middle part / polyester resin
  • Technology: hand lay-up
  • Hardness: 6/10
  • Weight: 10/10
  • Description: These boats are still made using fiberglass and hand-lay up, but an additional layer of carbon-kevlar is used on the middle - most intensively used - part of the boat. This provides some more stiffness and more pleasing interior look. Still this is easy to maintain and repair and still quite economical.
  • Advised: It could be also a nice entry-level boat for hobby & recreational use, but many, more experienced paddlers also prefer this construction if they know, that the boat will be for heavier duty.
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