Kape K4 FALCON M, G construction - wedstrijdkajak K4


Kape K4 FALCON M, G construction - wedstrijdkajak K4

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€ 6 200,00 incl btw
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This K4 is based on the most popular team boat on the market. Every club should have one of these!

With a U-shaped & thinned-down bow section the hull works at its best when being driven hard. Inverted bow maximize the length of the waterline and hence the hull speed, reduce the size of the bow wave and has a better overall hydrodynamic drag.

It has solid longitudinal stability for rapid acceleration and minimum pitching movements. The kayak stays level in the water so is able to pick up maximum speed quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Sharp cut away deck allows for close paddle entries and catches in all positions.

CREW WEIGHT up to 300kg

During the construction of K4s we always use double carbon-reinforcement in order to achieve the proper hardness.

This model meets the technical requirements of the International Canoe Federation.


Length: 1100 cm
Width: 45 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Athletes' weight: 300kg
Cockpit Length: 104 cm
Cockpit Width: 43 cm
Stability level: 1

Alle kleurcombinaties mogelijk.

EXTRA construction

Woven carbon reinforcement with a vinylester resin solution completes the 2 mm thick core material. All this laminated together in a vacuum bag. The result is an outstanding strength and durability, that we advice for flatwater competitors, sea kayakers in harsh conditions and for long-distance touring paddlers as well.

Bovenstaande prijzen zijn telkens excl. transportkost vanuit HU naar BE!

Kajaks met deze lengtes moeten goed worden gepland in een groepsvracht, zodat deze prijs zo min mogelijk kan worden gehouden.

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