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€ 1 600,00 incl btw
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This C1 model is offered in one size, best suited for mid-weight paddlers (60-100 kg). Just like our other flat water boats the C1 Falcon F is manufactured in four construction levels, providing the right choice for clubs to top level athletes. This model meets the technical requirements of the International Canoe Federation


Length: 520 cm
Width: 34 cm
Weight: 14 kg 14 kg (Marathon: 10 kg)
Athlete's weight: Athlete's weight: 60-100 kg

Available constructions

Our boats are available in different construction levels in order to meet each customer's preferences. These have been set up to be in line with the requirements of each segment of the market - from hobbyists & clubs to top athletes - while providing the most favourable quality and price conditions for that specific group of users.

The following constructions differ in the raw materials and technologies applied during the manufacturing process. These together determine the hardness, the weight (for non-weight regulated models) and the overall interior look of the boat. In practice, an upper construction results a harder, lighter and more spectacular boat.

Besides, the standard and available fittings could be also different in case of many models. So we advise to have a look at the "Fittings" section of this article as well.

CLASSIC €1.600,-

  • Materials: 1.5 mm core material / carbon-kevlar inlay on middle part / vinyl ester resin
  • Technology: hand lay-up / vacuum bagging
  • Hardness: 7/10
  • Description: CLASSIC is the entry-level construction of our RACING canoes & kayaks. They have a carbon-kevlar inlay on their middle part to reinforce the most intensively used part of the boat.
  • Advised: CLASSIC is our "club construction", so they are advised for trainers and coaches who are looking for a reliable flatwater canoe or kayak at a reasonable price. Meanwhile CLASSIC construction is also popular amongst price sensitive individuals who consider flatwater paddling as a hobby.

SUPER €1.900,-

  • Materials: 2.0 mm core material / carbon-kevlar reinforcement / vinyl ester resin
  • Technology: vacuum bagging
  • Hardness: 8/10
  • Description: The core material together with the high quality hybrid fiber reinforcement and more advanced manufacturing technology let us to reach the appropriate stiffness to meet the expectations of most flatwater athletes.
  • Advised: This construction is advised to the general public of flatwater athletes.

EXTRA €1.965,-

  • Materials: 2.0 mm core material / carbon reinforcement / vinyl ester resin
  • Technology: vacuum bagging
  • Hardness: 9/10
  • Description: Carbon reinforced composites are popular not just in boatbuilding but in other fields of industry (eg. aircraft & aerospace, wind energy, automotive industry, etc.). A great stiffness combined with light weight... not to mention the eye catching texture of the carbon.
  • Advised: The stiffness of the carbon reinforcement makes these boats an excellent choice for flatwater athletes with higher expectations.
  • EXTRA+: With some modifications in the layer design and using clear gel gelcoat the carbon texture could appear on the outside surface of the hull and/or deck of the boat providing a stylish look on the water.

PREMIUM €2.269,-

  • Materials: 2.0 mm core material / double carbon reinforcement / vinyl ester resin
  • Technology: vacuum bagging
  • Hardness: 10/10
  • Description: In this high-end construction double carbon reinforcement is used for the rock solid boat. On top of that clear carbon surfaces, unique designed hulls and unlimited chosen of designs and colors are all available with no extra charge. What's more, PREMIUM boats are delivered with a padded boat cover.
  • Advised: PREMIUM construction is for those professionals and enthusiasts who are looking for a fully equipped boat with excellent quality and unique appearance.

MARATHON €2.269,-

  • Materials: 1.5 mm core material / UD carbon reinforcement / vinyl ester resin
  • Technology: vacuum bagging
  • Hardness: 7/10
  • Description: In this lightweight construction we use thicker (1.5 mm) core material between unidirectional (UD) carbon layers to push down the weight of the boat yet keep its durability. Kayaks in this special construction level are equipped with a Stainless Marathon Rudder and delivered with a padded boat cover.
  • Advised: Boats in this special construction is offered especially for long distance paddlers, when low weight is the key preference.

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