Jackson vis kajak Coosa FD


Jackson vis kajak Coosa FD

€ 4 139,00 incl btw


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€ 4 139,00 incl btw
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The Coosa FD is based on the top-selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds our Flex Drive 3D system allowing for hands-free propulsion. The new Flex Drive 3D offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation, and the prop is easy to access as needed. The Coosa FD comes with fore-aft trimming and our High Ergo Seat Frame with MOLLE System giving it flexibility in seating positions that puts the pedaler in the most comfortable position possible. The Flex Drive 3D is easily deployed with the flip of a lever and is upgradable our Flex Drive E motor system.

Our Flex Drive E accessory allows a quick and easy transition to a motor from the Flex Drive 3D system. Simply twist off two thumb knobs, remove the Flex Drive and replace with the Flex Drive E, connect to battery and motor your way to your favorite fishing hole. Check it out here: https://store.jacksonadventures.com/flex-drive-e-motor-kit/

2021 models feature a pass through for electronics, making it easier for through-hull wiring of fish finders. The hatch seal is more robust to keep the inside of your kayak dryer when tackling waves and downpours. The four-hole bolt pattern on the stern is designed to accept accessories that feature that pattern, such as the PowerPole and Torqeedo trolling motor mount.

Our new Flex Drive 3D is the product of two years of constant evolution in three key components: power, propulsion and steering. From bow to stern, the Flex Drive 3D delivers unparalleled user versatility, efficiency and convenience on the water. Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance, the Flex Drive 3D empowers anglers, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to get closer to the action.

The Coosa FD has all the features of the best-selling Coosa HD, from rod tip protection system to gear track and more. This hull performs beautifully on lakes, rivers, inshore and even offshore salt environments. The combination of one of the best-designed all-around kayaks and the Flex Drive 3D make this a leading combination for hands-free kayak angling in a wide array of waterways!

2021 Accessories (included with new boat purchase): 

  • MOLLE Seatback Pouch
  • MOLLE Underseat Panel
  • Bow Hatch Storage Bin
  • 1x YakAttack Omega Rod Holder
  • Long Load Flag
  • 5" JK StickerSPECS



From bow to stern, Flex Drive 3D integrates propulsion, power and precision into a unified system that delivers unparalleled versatility, efficiency and convenience. Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance; Flex Drive 3D empowers anglers, sportsmen and enthusiasts to get closer to the action. Backward compatible with all Jackson Kayak Flex Drive boats. Check our FAQ page for questions.


The power to get you there. And back.

The new Flex Drive 3D takes fun, freedom and efficiency to a new level. Compact and lightweight (under eight pounds), our Flex Drive E motor interchanges with the Flex Drive3D pedal in seconds to offer an effortless power source for getting to and from secret fishing spots, beaches and campsites.


Leaves other systems in its wake.

The only drive system on the market that combines quick-interchange pedal and electric drive, shallow water 3-position engagement with auto retract dagger board/prop safety release, intuitive forward and reverse operation, sealed above-water pedal system, and a satisfaction guarantee warranty.


Precisely where you want to be.

With a history of continuous improvement, we have also enhanced the new FlexDrive3D rudder and stearing control. This improved steering system allows for more precise placement, truer tracking, tighter turning radius’ and less input demands for more hands-free navigation in both forward and reverse. FlexDrive3D Trac2 can be retrofitted to any existing FlexDrive3D kayak.

Upper Unit

Starting with the upper unit (A), we’ve upgraded the bearings (B) so they are optimized while spinning at relatively low RPM (ideal for pedaling or while using a 12V battery setup with our Flex Drive E). The fit of the crank arm (C) is now more secure and easier to deploy. The spider coupling (D) has been updated to include a time-released lubricant and provides a more secure mating of upper and lower units. We’ve also added easy-access grease ports (E) and a grease accessory kit, which includes a tube of Finish Line grease and a grease gun to make maintenance a breeze. We’ve upgraded the pedal crank arms (F) from cast to forged aluminum, increasing durability.

The upper unit is still a sealed system, which means no gears or moving parts are below the waterline.

Lower Unit

We’ve tightened the tolerances on the lower unit (G)’s flexible shaft (H), which results in a dramatic reduction in noise on the water because of the vibration in the lower unit, making it noticeably more quiet.

The propeller (I) is now a two-bladed, 10” x 10 pitch prop which is optimized for pedaling or when using a 12V battery system with our Flex Drive E. This prop maximizes efficiency and cuts through water smoothly, and when used with the Flex Drive E helps the motor go faster for longer periods of time on the water, while minimizing battery consumption.

The lower unit is not a sealed system. This allows water to drain from the system easily.

Length:384 cm
Width:89 cm
Total Capacity:204 kg
Weight: 46 kg (without drive)52 kg (with drive and seat)

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