HandiRack+Anti-slip Pads


HandiRack+Anti-slip Pads

€ 104,99 incl btw
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€ 104,99 incl btw
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What's Included

2 x HandiRack twin tubes (front and rear), each with 5 metal ‘D’ ring anchor points

2 x 3 metre heavy duty webbing HandiStraps

1 x 1000cc high volume double action HandiPump

1 x detailed instruction booklet

1 x nylon drawstring travel bag

1 x HandiRack Wet Weather Kit (exclusive to handiworld.com customers)

2 x Anti-slip Pads

The HandiRack is a patented, multi-purpose, universal roof bar system that can be fitted and removed in just minutes. When not in use, it takes up very little space and so is easily stowed.

The HandiRack comes in just one size and fits most 2, 3, 4 and 5-door cars.

With a load capacity of 80Kg, the HandiRack is immensely strong and meets the internationally recognised standard for roof bars ISO/PAS 11154.

Everything that you need is included. A HandiPump for inflating the tubes and 2 x 3 metre HandiStraps for securing your load to the 5 'D' ring anchor points located on each HandiRack.

As an alternative to traditional metal roof bars and a solid roof box, the HandiRack can be used in combination with the HandiHoldall - HandiWorld's 320 litre waterproof easy to store, foldable roof bag. 

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