Gumotex Colorado 450 6 pers raft


Gumotex Colorado 450 6 pers raft

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"COLORADO 450 is a multi-purpose boat great for family holiday river cruising. This six-person boat is designed for sports-style paddling and with a skilled crew it handles very well even in moderate white water. The open stern provides the outflow of water in rapids. The legendary COLORADO has served on many expeditions into remote places around the world and is still the most popular team racing river boat in the Czech Republic.

Technical data

Length 450 cm
Width 160 cm
Weight37.5 kg
Max. load 600 kg
Material Nitrilon®
Paddle type Raft
Max. number of persons 6
Air chambers 5 + 3 
Packed dimension 68 x 55 x 31 cm
Max. operation pressure(Mpa / Bar / PSI) 0,02 / 0,2 / 3,0

Boat equipment

  • Open stern for water outflow
  • Thwarts seats
  • Foot straps
  • Headfast loop in the bow and stern
  • Safety ropes on the side tubes
  • Push-push valves
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Repair kit
  • Transport bag
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