Gatz YOHO 1-80


Gatz YOHO 1-80

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€ 2 239,00 incl btw
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A very manoeuvrable solo Canadian with lots of space to put your gear. Suitable for both small rivers and big lakes. The YOHO 1 is, due of its manoeuvrability, very suitable for white water canoeing. The hull has a shallow, round shape, on the Yoho1-80 and bit more rocker. The YOHO 1-70 is a bit less manoeuvrable than the wider Yoho 1-80 which features a flat bottom, however it runs a bit quicker and is easier to Eskimo roll the canoe. The Yoho’s are ideal for individualists, fast white-water canoeing, kids and youngsters and have been first choice in various canoe films.


Width: Side height: Bow height: Weight:
420 cm80 cm30 cm45 cm from 16 kg


Our standard material with the optimum durability and rigidity to weight ratios in relation to its price. Reinforcements of Kevlar and Carbon, carefully placed, improve the properties of fibreglass whilst reducing its weight. Our Kevlar/Carbon reinforced canoes are the best choice for general purpose craft used from lake touring to easy wild water. Distinctive quality mark is the visible Kevlar/Carbon inside layer (n.a. in Teamcanoes/Outrigger) .


The use, mainly of these high-tech. fabrics, safe more than 20% of the canoe´s weight as compared to our standard construction. Special resins are used to give one of the best possible stiffness to weight ratios.


The lightest weight choice available in a Gatz-Canoe. Up to 40% weight savings makes even long portages easy to handle. The increased amount of very attractive carbon-fibres provide excellent stiffness and resistance to breakage, yet to preserve their value, we do not recommend their use in the wildest of waters. This construction features transparent Gelcoat to ensure the visibility of the HighTec carbon structure with it distinctive anthrazithe look.Compostie standard colours are at your choice but please keep in mind that the weight increase for these colours is 1-2 kg,

GFk-Kevlar-Carbon-verstärkt 21,5 kg € 2099,-

Kevlar-Carbon-Leichtbau 18,5 kg € 2899,-

Carbon Ultraleicht 16 kg € 3199,-

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