Gatz CANADIAN 475, WOODEN RIM, GFk-Kevlar-Carbon-reinforced


Gatz CANADIAN 475, WOODEN RIM, GFk-Kevlar-Carbon-reinforced

€ 2 999,00 € 3 419,00 incl btw
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€ 3 419,00 € 2 999,00 incl btw
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The Canadian 475 accelerates very quickly, then rolls effortlessly and is safe and easy to manoeuvre. Its agility is convincing. Deeper waters are ideal for canoes with V-bottoms, but the Canadian can also be used on small rivers. Note on availability: Please call to inquire about boats that are in stock in the shop, delivery times vary in the current pandemic situation due to global problems in the flow of raw materials, holidays, etc. very strong.

Material: Kevlar carbon lightweight 25.5 kg (€4249)

Certainly the most durable composite construction. This series is characterized by at least 20% weight savings compared to the standard design. A specially matched type of resin, combined with a very high proportion of light and extremely tear-resistant aramid and dimensionally stable carbon fibre, creates pleasantly light and very robust canoes. It can be used anywhere that requires a stable, hard-wearing, lightweight canoe.

Material: GFk-Kevlar-Carbon-reinforced 30 kg, Wooden rim, 2 webbed seats (€3419)

Very robust standard construction, which is completely sufficient for most purposes. Recommended for all-round use from lakes to easy whitewater. The canoes of this version are made of high-quality glass fibers and resins, which are additionally reinforced with a high proportion of high-tech fibers in particularly stressed areas. The high proportion of carbon-aramid fabrics, even in this GATZ standard design, is also visible on the inside of the current series. Available in all mottled GATZ colors and in many solid colors.

Material: Carbon Ultralight 22,5 kg (€4539)

The easiest way to experience a GATZ-KANU! High-tech fiber composite systems, such as those used in aircraft construction and motor sports, are used in canoeing. You will also notice the difference on the water. In the ultra-light series, some of the aramid fibers are replaced by high-strength carbon fibers. Accordingly, weight can be dispensed with through additional stiffening. This gives these canoes high breaking strength, rigidity and an ideal weight. Despite their low wall thickness, the ultra-lightweights are robust enough for use on all bodies of water, and good riders also use them in extreme white water. Our recommendation for many years of enjoyment from your carbon canoe is to use it on lakes and calm flowing waters. Thanks to the transparent gel coat, the attractive, anthracite-colored carbon fiber remains visible and gives the high-quality, unmistakable look. Colored gelcoat is possible, but can add 1-2kg to the weight depending on pigmentation and boat size.


Width:Height side:Height bow: Weight: 
475 cm88 cm35 cm52 cmfrom 22.5 kg

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