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DAG Freeland Luxe 2 pers toerkajak


DAG Freeland Luxe 2 pers toerkajak

€ 899,00 incl btw


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€ 899,00 incl btw
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The FREELAND is a two-seater kayak that combines speed, comfort and stability.

Its large cockpit allows to accomodate one or two young children, even a pet. The Freeland has a watertight compartment with a volume of 150 liters, accessible by a large oval rubber hatch. The Freeland allows you freedom to go where the others cannot take you. You can paddle long distances with high comfort. It will meet all your needs, if you are an occasional paddler or an advanced explorer.


Length:470 cm
Width : 78 cm
Height :39 cm
Weight : 34 kg
Capacity : 2 pers
Capacity max : 290 kg


  • 1 threaded drain plug
  • 2 handles front and back
  • front black deck bungee
  • 2 seats with foldable backrests
  • Stretcher seat with child seat
  • Rear storage compartment with hatch
  • 1 anti-wear keel
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