Clipper 2 pers kano YUKON 16.8


Clipper 2 pers kano YUKON 16.8

€ 2 555,00 incl btw


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€ 2 555,00 incl btw
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The appeal of the Yukon is based on its design, low cost and excellent value. The Yukon is a versatile canoe that is built to last and has proven itself in rental use and adventure racing across Canada. This canoe gives you a comfortable feeling, both in its roominess and stability. The Yukon was designed by James van Nostrand – one of the most prominent and reputable canoe designers in Canada.

The Yukon has the capacity to be a good family canoe and is also suited for wilderness tripping. It glides nicely, tracks well and resists being blown around in the wind. In moving water, it is predictable and quick to maneuver. The Yukon’s standard colour is white; other Clipper colours are available for an additional charge. The Yukon offers exceptional performance and will provide years of maintenance-free paddling at an affordable price.


Standard Features: 



Bucket Seats
Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Available in White
Black Trim Package
Other colours available by special order only
Flotation Tanks
Wood Trim Package

Center Thwart
Sliding Bow Seat

Bow & Stern ThwartWood Web Seats

Foam Thigh Pads

Wilderness Lash System

Yoke (Contoured 

Expedition Skirt




16′ 8″ / 509 cmFiberglass: 
70 lbs / 32 kg
36″ | 34″ (@ 4″Waterline) / 91.4 - 86.4 cmFiberglass w/Foam Core: 62 lbs / 28.1 kg
Bow Height: 
20″/ 50.8 cmPrice
Stern Height: 
20″ / 50.8 cmFiberglass: €2.555,-
Center Height: 14″ / 35.6 cmFiberglass w/Foam Core: €2.999,-

Fiberglass canoes are laminated by hand using a high-grade isothalic resin. Each Clipper canoe is reinforced in the bow and stern with a minimum of two layers of Kevlar®, providing extra strength and abrasion resistance needed in these areas of high stress. Flotation tanks are glassed-in at both ends of the canoe in all layups, and are filled with bagged foam for added flotation.

Three hull stiffening methods are used. The Escape, Scout, Cascade, Tripper, Tripper S, Packer and Solitude are stiffened with foam cross ribs. Foam ribs are resined to the hull and covered with biaxle glass roving, resulting in a light, durable canoe.

In the Yukon, Ranger and Prospector series, multiple layers of directional glass are used for hull stiffening, resulting in a slightly heavier weight than crossrib stiffening, but is less expensive and is a stronger layup. The Whitewater II, 17′ and 18′ Jensen, Sea Clipper, and the MacKenzie series come standard with a vacuum-bagged foam core.

Core Mat is a low density non-woven laminate bulker containing micro balloons. Use to save weight, stiffen and thicken laminates. Dimensionally stable, excellent wet out, and conformability. Improves impact strength and reduces print through other reinforcements. Core Mat is available in numerous styles, thicknesses and widths. Contact us for information, specifications and pricing on products not listed below.

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