Clipper 2 pers kano JENSEN WWII


Clipper 2 pers kano JENSEN WWII

€ 5 550,00 incl btw


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€ 5 550,00 incl btw
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Jensen’s Whitewater II was designed in the late 1970’s for down river racing. It rates as one of the best all-time, grand touring canoes. The Whitewater II owes its speed to a long waterline and sleek 33″ beam.

Its ability to glide effortlessly through the water combined with its high sides, make it ideal for lakes in BC’s interior like Bowron Lakes and Wells Grey Park. It tracks straighter than the Sea Clipper and is easier for paddlers to reach the water thanks to its narrower beam. The Whitewater II is a pure pleasure to paddle. Excellent on big lakes and rivers, the Whitewater II will take you anywhere you want to go.


Standard Features: 


Bucket Seats
Gunnel Covers
FootbraceBlack Trim Package
Flotation TanksWood Trim Package
Sliding Bow SeatFoam Thigh Pads
Bow & Stern ThwartsWilderness Lash System
Foam Core LayupYoke (Contoured or Flat)

Expedition Spray Skirt




18′ 6″Kevlar® - Ultralight: 54 lbs54 lbs
Beam: 33″ | 32″ (@ 4″Waterline)

Bow Height: 23″Price:
Stern Height: 18″Kevlar® - Ultralight: €5.550,-
Center Height: 15″

Ultralight Kevlar® canoes are built without any exterior gelcoat, thus the hull has the ‘honey’ color of Kevlar®. The absence of gelcoat results in a weight savings of approximately 10%. The first layer is woven S-glass which is very abrasion resistant and is stronger under compression than Kevlar®. Two layers of Kevlar® are then applied with extra reinforcement in areas of high stress.

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