Clipper 2 pers kano 17′ PROSPECTOR


Clipper 2 pers kano 17′ PROSPECTOR

€ 4 195,00 incl btw


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€ 4 195,00 incl btw
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The Prospector 17 has become the first choice of many experienced paddlers. It is ideally suited for rough water, large loads, and its forgiving nature makes it suitable for novice paddlers. As with any expedition canoe, it has to be quick to maneuver and easy to paddle or it will be left behind on the next trip. The Prospector 17 excels in both areas. The 17′ Prospector is in its element when on a wilderness trip – loaded to the gunnels and beyond. When loaded, it maintains its speed and becomes even more stable. Wilderness explorer, Paul Van Peenen’s letter pretty much says it all.

This canoe is available in four layups and can be ordered with a spray skirt, d-rings, sliding bow seat, and a wilderness lash system. Add a footbrace if you want the ultimate river tripping canoe. Although this canoe is praised as a tripping canoe, it also makes a good family canoe because of its large capacity.


Standard Features: 


Wood Web Seat
Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Flotation TanksBlack Trim Package
Bow & Stern ThwartsWood Trim Package

Foam Thigh Pads

Wilderness Lash System

Contoured Yoke (Standard On All Kevlar®/Duraflex Models)

Expedition Spray Skirt




17′ 2″ - 524 cmKevlar®: 60 lbs - 27.2 kg
Beam: 36″ | 34″ (@ 4″Waterline) - 91.4 - 86.4 cmKevlar®/Duraflex: 68lbs - 30.8 kg
Bow Height: 21″ - 53.3 cmPrice:
Stern Height: 21″ - 53.3 cmKevlar®: €4.195,-
Center Height: 15″ - 38.1 cmKevlar®/Duraflex: €4.450,-

Kevlar® is a space-aged aramid fiber which, under tension, Kevlar® fibers are 5 to 10 times stronger than an equal weight of steel. Kevlar® cloth is more expensive than fiberglass and is harder to cut and work with, hence the higher cost. Kevlar® canoes are lighter and equal to or stronger than fiberglass. A Kevlar® canoe will generally weigh 20% less than a canoe manufactured out of fiberglass.

Kevlar® canoes are built with a minimum of three layers of material (a minimum of two full layers of Kevlar®). A full layer of Kevlar® is applied to the gelcoat. Areas of high stress have additional reinforcing. Next, a layer of polyester cloth is applied. A final layer of Kevlar® completes the laminate. A special marine structural foam core is then placed to the hull bottom. An additional Kevlar® layer is then applied over the core. The Kevlar®-covered foam core produces a sandwich type construction that is extremely rigid and lightweight compared to other methods used to stiffen canoe hulls.

Kevlar® Duraflex is a laminate designed to be exceptionally tough. It has no foam core or ribs. The hull is stiffened by up to ten layers of structural material. A minimum of four layers are used in side walls, close to the gunnels. A highly flexible resin is used to allow the laminate to elongate under extreme force. A Kevlar® Duraflex laminate may be gelcoated but will add up to 4+ pounds. The Duraflex layups will easily outperform plastic canoe hulls of the same shape. Not only will Kevlar® Duraflex be as tough or tougher, it will also retain its shape after years of use and is also considerably lighter.

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