Clipper 2 pers kano 16′ RANGER


Clipper 2 pers kano 16′ RANGER

€ 2 799,00 incl btw


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€ 2 799,00 incl btw
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The 16′ and 17′ Rangers are great entry level canoes. Their popularity is due to more than just their reasonable price. The design of both these models has been proven over the years by their acceptance as great outfitter and rental canoes. They are very user friendly and are incredibly durable.

The 16′ Ranger is suitable for a multi-day trip, accommodating up to 150 pounds of gear. It is also a great canoe if you want to use it solo. When paddled in the traditional style with the canoe heeled over and the paddler kneeling near the center, you will find that it is exceptionally maneuverable and predictable. The bow seat can be ordered with either the standard plastic bucket seat or a bench seat, allowing the solo paddler to sit on the seat facing the stern.


Standard Features: 


Bucket Seats
Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Black Trim Package
Flotation Tanks
Custom Wood Trim Package
Center Thwart
Wood Web Seats
Bow & Stern ThwartsFoam Thigh Pads

Wilderness Lash System

Yoke (Contoured or Flat)




15′ 10″ / 483 cmFiberglass: 68 lbs / 31 kg
35″ | 33″ (@ 4″Waterline) / 89 - 83.8 cmKevlar®: 58 lbs / 26.3 kg
Bow Height: 
19″ / 48.3 cmPrice
Stern Height: 
19″ / 48.3 cmFiberglass: €2.799,-
Center Height: 13″ / 33 cmKevlar®: €4.050,-

Fiberglass canoes are laminated by hand using a high-grade isothalic resin. Each Clipper canoe is reinforced in the bow and stern with a minimum of two layers of Kevlar®, providing extra strength and abrasion resistance needed in these areas of high stress. Flotation tanks are glassed-in at both ends of the canoe in all layups, and are filled with bagged foam for added flotation.

Three hull stiffening methods are used. The Escape, Scout, Cascade, Tripper, Tripper S, Packer and Solitude are stiffened with foam cross ribs. Foam ribs are resined to the hull and covered with biaxle glass roving, resulting in a light, durable canoe.

In the Yukon, Ranger and Prospector series, multiple layers of directional glass are used for hull stiffening, resulting in a slightly heavier weight than crossrib stiffening, but is less expensive and is a stronger layup. The Whitewater II, 17′ and 18′ Jensen, Sea Clipper, and the MacKenzie series come standard with a vacuum-bagged foam core.

Kevlar® is a space-aged aramid fiber which, under tension, Kevlar® fibers are 5 to 10 times stronger than an equal weight of steel. Kevlar® cloth is more expensive than fiberglass and is harder to cut and work with, hence the higher cost. Kevlar® canoes are lighter and equal to or stronger than fiberglass. A Kevlar® canoe will generally weigh 20% less than a canoe manufactured out of fiberglass.

Kevlar® canoes are built with a minimum of three layers of material (a minimum of two full layers of Kevlar®). A full layer of Kevlar® is applied to the gelcoat. Areas of high stress have additional reinforcing. Next, a layer of polyester cloth is applied. A final layer of Kevlar® completes the laminate. A special marine structural foam core is then placed to the hull bottom. An additional Kevlar® layer is then applied over the core. The Kevlar®-covered foam core produces a sandwich type construction that is extremely rigid and lightweight compared to other methods used to stiffen canoe hulls.

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