Clipper 1 pers kano 14′ PROSPECTOR


Clipper 1 pers kano 14′ PROSPECTOR

€ 2 495,00 incl btw


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€ 2 495,00 incl btw
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This solo 14′, designed by James van Nostrand, is one of a series of traditional-type Prospector canoes offered by Western Canoeing & Kayaking. All three Clipper Prospector models share the same characteristics of classic design, grace on the water, and maneuverability.

The Prospector 14′ is a solo canoe that is responsive and seaworthy in grade II and III whitewater. The classic Prospector design is symmetrical with a shallow arch hull. It has 1 ½” of rocker and the high chine provides a smooth and dry ride through rough water. A Duraflex layup is a must for whitewater use. An expedition spray skirt is available for this model.

The 14 Prospector is available in four layups. The standard fiberglass layup is ideal for entry level paddlers, while the Ultralight version provides one of the lightest solo canoes available for wilderness tripping. An optional removable yoke makes it ideal for portages of any length. D-rings mounted on the chine or gunnel will secure gear or float bags. For white water use, the Duraflex laminates are available with bow and stern bags (in place of floatation tanks) and a solo foam half saddle.


Standard Features: 


Wood Web Seat
Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Flotation TanksBlack Trim Package
Bow & Stern ThwartsWood Trim Package

Foam Thigh Pads

Wilderness Lash System

Contoured Yoke

Expedition Spray Skirt




14′ - 427 cmFiberglass: 52 lbs - 23.6 kg
Beam: 29″ | 29″ (@ 4″Waterline) - 73.7 - 73.7 cmKevlar®/Duraflex:46 lbs - 20.9 kg
Bow Height: 21″ - 53.3 cmKevlar®/Ultralight: 40 lbs - 18.1 kg
Stern Height: 21″ - 53.3 cmPrice:
Center Height: 15″ - 38.1 cmFiberglass: €2.495,-



Fiberglass canoes are laminated by hand using a high-grade isothalic resin. Each Clipper canoe is reinforced in the bow and stern with a minimum of two layers of Kevlar®, providing extra strength and abrasion resistance needed in these areas of high stress. Flotation tanks are glassed-in at both ends of the canoe in all layups, and are filled with bagged foam for added flotation.

Three hull stiffening methods are used. The Escape, Scout, Cascade, Tripper, Tripper S, Packer and Solitude are stiffened with foam cross ribs. Foam ribs are resined to the hull and covered with biaxle glass roving, resulting in a light, durable canoe.

In the Yukon, Ranger and Prospector series, multiple layers of directional glass are used for hull stiffening, resulting in a slightly heavier weight than crossrib stiffening, but is less expensive and is a stronger layup. The Whitewater II, 17′ and 18′ Jensen, Sea Clipper, and the MacKenzie series come standard with a vacuum-bagged foam core.

Kevlar® Duraflex is a laminate designed to be exceptionally tough. It has no foam core or ribs. The hull is stiffened by up to ten layers of structural material. A minimum of four layers are used in side walls, close to the gunnels. A highly flexible resin is used to allow the laminate to elongate under extreme force. A Kevlar® Duraflex laminate may be gelcoated but will add up to 4+ pounds. The Duraflex layups will easily outperform plastic canoe hulls of the same shape. Not only will Kevlar® Duraflex be as tough or tougher, it will also retain its shape after years of use and is also considerably lighter.

Ultralight Kevlar® canoes are built without any exterior gelcoat, thus the hull has the ‘honey’ color of Kevlar®. The absence of gelcoat results in a weight savings of approximately 10%. The first layer is woven S-glass which is very abrasion resistant and is stronger under compression than Kevlar®. Two layers of Kevlar® are then applied with extra reinforcement in areas of high stress.

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