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Celtic / Lendal Pro Fusion - Carbon Composite wildwater peddel 1 deel


Celtic / Lendal Pro Fusion - Carbon Composite wildwater peddel 1 deel

€ 299,00 incl btw
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€ 299,00 incl btw
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Sturdy white water specification - Carbon Composite blades - 29mm Standard OD , Carbon composite shaft.

New enhanced composite structure - Carbon Skin with Tri-Axial glass and Carbon UD reinforcement layer makes our Fusion paddles the ultimate paddle for the toughest conditions. Weighing in at 950g

Originally designed for freestyle paddling, the Fusion lends itself to a number of disciplines in both whitewater and surf. Offering the tremendous performance benefits of the Kinetik-Style shape but in a slightly smaller blade area. The dihedral blade makes for predictable handling in turbulent water and the reduced surface area decreases leverage on your shoulders. The Fusion is not just for freestyle, its combination of Kinetik performance and reduced blade area makes it suitable for a wide range of paddling styles.

Fusion blades: 19cm W, 50cm L tot L 194 cm

Carbon composite blades

Carbon composite shaft

Built to order - to your custom specifications - please allow 5 working days (Mon-Fri) for build and dispatch. Shipped on a 48hr service.

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