Aquarius ANGLER zwemvest


Aquarius ANGLER zwemvest

€ 79,99 incl btw
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L , camo    
€ 79,99 incl btw
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A basic model, fastened in front with two buckles. The jacket is available in three masking patterns (fatigues, camo, grass).

For whom: Aquarius Standard is most frequently chosen by anglers and hunters.


• A masking pattern

• SOLAS reflective tapes

• A safety belt (with a buckle and length adjustment)

• A drawstring (with a buckle and length adjustment)

• A hip drawstring

Size chart

Size Chest circumference Weight Recommended weight Capacity
S/M 86 – 107 cm 40 < m < 60 kg < 40+ kg 60N
L/XL 107 – 122 cm 60 < m < 70+ kg < 60 + kg 70N
XXL < 122 cm m > 70+ kg  < 80+ kg 70N

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